10 Largest Casinos in The USA (2023) You Must Know

10 Largest Casinos in The USA (2023) You Must Know

Largest casinos in the USA: While online casinos have gained popularity for their convenience, there is still a significant number of people who make an effort to travel across the country to experience the perks of land-based casinos. Despite the rise of online gambling, physical casinos continue to thrive, and Las Vegas stands as a testament to this fact. The casinos in the desert city are nothing short of impressive, boasting massive sizes, a wide variety of games, an abundance of visitors, and staggering revenue.

However, our focus today shifts to the largest casinos in the United States, and it might come as a surprise that not a single one of the top 10 largest casinos is located in Las Vegas or even in the state of Nevada. If you’re eager to discover the true titans of the casino industry in America, here is a list of the ten largest casinos that command awe-inspiring scale and opulence.

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10 Largest Casinos in the USA

Mohegan Sun

10 Largest Casinos in The USA (2023) You Must Know

Mohegan Sun, located in Uncasville, Connecticut, takes the spotlight as the next casino on our list. Sprawling across a vast 364,000 square feet, this impressive establishment has been captivating visitors since its inception in 1996. Operated by the Mohegan Tribe, the casino has undergone three significant renovations, solidifying its status as the second-largest casino in the United States.

Mohegan Sun boasts an astonishing array of offerings, with an astounding 6,500 games and 377 tables for enthusiasts to indulge in. The culinary delights are abundant, with 45 restaurants, bars, and lounges catering to every palate. Moreover, the casino houses a colossal shopping area that spans an impressive 130,000 square feet, ensuring visitors have ample opportunities for retail therapy.

What sets Mohegan Sun apart from other casinos is its unique blend of entertainment and sports. Beyond the gaming floors, visitors can explore the wonders of the Casino of the Sky, where a breathtaking planetarium-like dome showcases over 12,000 plates of onyx sourced from various parts of the world. These plates were masterfully fused into glass in Italy before finding their place in this awe-inspiring structure.

For added convenience and luxury, Mohegan Sun offers helicopter transportation services, allowing guests to effortlessly travel from the casino to Manhattan, adding another level of exclusivity and glamour to the experience. Whether it’s the excitement of the gaming floor, the indulgence of fine dining, the thrill of sports, or the wonder of the onyx-adorned dome, Mohegan Sun offers a captivating escape that goes beyond traditional casino experiences.

Thunder Valley Casino Resort

10 Largest Casinos in The USA (2023) You Must Know

Nestled in Lincoln, California, Thunder Valley Casino Resort takes its place as the fourth-largest casino in the United States. This tribal-owned casino belongs to the United Auburn Indian Community and is strategically positioned around 30 miles northeast of Sacramento. With a vision to emulate the vibrant atmosphere of Las Vegas itself, Thunder Valley Casino Resort was conceived by a renowned Las Vegas-based designer and was under the management of Station Casinos until 2010.

Spanning an impressive 275,000 square feet, the casino was established in 2003 and boasts a remarkable selection of entertainment options. Over 125 poker tables cater to avid players, while a staggering array of 3,400 games of various kinds ensures there is something to suit every taste and preference.

Following the transition to ownership by the Auburn Indian Community, Thunder Valley Casino Resort underwent a significant expansion, enhancing its offerings to create a truly immersive resort experience. The addition of a luxury hotel within the complex now provides guests with over 400 rooms, each designed to offer the utmost comfort and style. To further enhance the indulgence, a world-class spa beckons visitors seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

Culinary delights are abundant within the resort, with 14 restaurants and bars ready to satisfy any craving. The outdoor amphitheatre serves as a hub for live entertainment, hosting a diverse range of performances. Additionally, Thunder Valley Casino Resort offers an 18-hole golf course, which has become a sought-after destination for both prestigious tournaments and unforgettable weddings.

WinStar World Casino & Resort

10 Largest Casinos in The USA (2023) You Must Know

At the top of the list reigns the remarkable WinStar World Casino & Resort, situated in Thackerville, Oklahoma. This exceptional establishment holds the title of not only the largest casino in the United States or North America but the entire world. Conveniently located just an hour north of Dallas and approximately 90 minutes south of Oklahoma City, this colossal casino dominates the small town of Thackerville, which had a population of merely 400 people as of 2020.

WinStar World Casino & Resort is an awe-inspiring testament to grandeur, boasting a staggering size of 400,000 square feet. With more than 100 diverse tables and an additional 55 poker tables, patrons have a wealth of options to explore and enjoy. To enhance the gaming experience, the casino features four distinct gaming plazas, each designed to evoke the ambience and allure of four major cities: Paris, Beijing, Rio, and New York. Visitors can seamlessly transition between these themed areas based on their preferences and desires.

In addition to its gaming wonders, WinStar World Casino & Resort houses the renowned Global Event Center, a venue that frequently hosts concerts featuring prominent stars from the music industry, providing unforgettable live performances. Furthermore, the resort boasts two magnificent 18-hole golf courses, which not only offer an exceptional golfing experience but also provide opportunities for private lessons, catering to both beginners and seasoned golf enthusiasts.

Foxwoods Resort Casino

10 Largest Casinos in The USA (2023) You Must Know

Foxwoods Resort Casino, located in Mashantucket, Connecticut. This tribal casino spans a vast area of 344,000 square feet, encompassing not just one but six distinct casinos within its sprawling 200-acre domain. Adding to its allure, the resort features a hotel boasting an astounding 2,266 rooms, making it the fourth-largest hotel in the country in terms of room count, excluding Las Vegas.

Established three decades ago in 1992, Foxwoods Resort Casino is a beacon of excitement, offering an extensive array of entertainment options. The casino floor is home to over 280 table games, with a grand total of approximately 5,500 games to cater to every gaming enthusiast’s preferences.

One notable feature of Foxwoods Resort Casino is its poker room, which stands as the third-largest in the world, housing an impressive 114 tables. Beyond the gaming excitement, the resort provides an enticing outlet complex nestled between its two hotel towers, hosting 85 luxury brand stores for a memorable shopping experience.

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

10 Largest Casinos in The USA (2023) You Must Know

This iconic establishment, owned and operated by the Seminole Tribe of Florida, lives up to its name by offering a thrilling and music-inspired destination. Established in 2004, it stands as the largest casino that Florida has to offer, covering an expansive 245,000 square feet of gaming excitement.

Within the sprawling casino, visitors can indulge in over 5,000 games, including 200 table games and 46 dedicated poker tables. From the moment you step inside, the walls adorned with song lyrics and the presence of music videos and songs playing on screens throughout the casino create a dynamic and immersive atmosphere.

The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino take music-themed experiences to the next level, offering inventive and memorable ways to enhance your stay. Guests can enjoy a personalized soundtrack for their visit or even rent a Fender Guitar to play in the comfort of their room, complete with headphones to ensure a harmonious experience for all.

While the casino allows smoking, there is a designated smoke-free level spanning 26,000 square feet, catering to non-smokers seeking a refreshing and clean gaming environment. 

The casino also offers multiple high-limit slots and gaming tables, catering to those seeking an elevated gaming experience. Notably, a separate area is dedicated to high-limit slots where some machines require a hefty $1,000 per pull, catering to the desires of big spenders.

Riverwind Casino

10 Largest Casinos in The USA (2023) You Must Know

Nestled in Norman, Oklahoma, Riverwind Casino emerges as a captivating destination for gaming enthusiasts. Established in 2006, this expansive resort, owned and operated by the Chickasaw Nation, spans an impressive 287,000 square feet.

Riverwind Casino boasts a vast gaming floor, offering over 2,800 slots and various other games to entice visitors. With 17 poker tables and 30 tables dedicated to other popular casino games, there is no shortage of options to satisfy every player’s preferences.

Although the hotel at Riverwind Casino may be modest in size, featuring only 100 rooms, it offers comfortable accommodations for guests seeking a convenient stay within the resort. While the hotel may be a more intimate part of the overall experience, it provides a cozy retreat after an exciting day of gaming.

Beyond the gaming and accommodations, Riverwind Casino offers additional amenities and attractions worth noting. Complimentary valet parking adds convenience and eases visitors’ experiences. At the same time, an off-track betting site, open five days a week, provides an extra layer of excitement for horse racing enthusiasts.

Yaamava Resort & Casino

10 Largest Casinos in The USA (2023) You Must Know

Located in Highland, California, the Yaamava Resort & Casino at San Manuel stands as a notable entry on our list. Built-in 1986, it holds the distinction of being one of the oldest establishments included. Situated just 60 miles outside the bustling city of Los Angeles, this casino offers a premier gaming experience to both locals and visitors alike.

The Yaamava Resort & Casino boasts an impressive collection of over 7,000 slots and similar gaming machines, making it the West Coast’s premier destination for slot enthusiasts. Within its expansive 222,000 square feet of gaming space, guests can immerse themselves in a vast array of gaming options. The casino further showcases its commitment to variety by offering over 100 table games, ensuring there is something to suit every player’s preferences.

Beyond its extensive selection of games, the Yaamava Resort & Casino sets itself apart by not only offering the largest number of slots on the West Coast but also an exceptional diversity of slots. With over 600 different types of slots, the casino provides a thrilling experience for avid slot players. For those seeking an immersive cultural experience, the Lotus 8 palace beckons, featuring Asian-inspired slots, baccarat, and Pai Gow.

Should guests desire a respite from the gaming floor, the Yaamava Resort & Casino offers a diverse range of dining options. Within its complex, visitors will find an impressive selection of 11 restaurants, each offering a unique culinary experience. Notably, among the dining establishments is a Mexican restaurant owned by the renowned comedian George Lopez, adding a touch of star power to the dining experience.

Choctaw Casino Resort

10 Largest Casinos in The USA (2023) You Must Know

Nestled in Durant, Oklahoma, the Choctaw Casino Resort emerges as a popular destination, attracting approximately 300,000 visitors each year. With its convenient location only 90 minutes north of Dallas, Texas, it comes as no surprise that around 80% of its guests hail from the Lone Star State. Established in 2006, this expansive resort covers an impressive area of 218,844 square feet.

Inside the Choctaw Casino Resort, guests are greeted by a thrilling array of over 7,000 slots and various machine-based games, offering endless excitement for gaming enthusiasts. While the exact number of table games remains undisclosed, visitors can delight in classic favourites such as blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, and more.

Beyond its impressive gaming offerings, the Choctaw Casino Resort aims to provide a comprehensive entertainment experience for its guests. The resort features its own movie cinema, allowing visitors to enjoy the latest films in a comfortable setting. Additionally, a 20-lane bowling alley adds a touch of friendly competition and recreational fun to the experience.

Guests can unwind and recharge in the serene ambience of the spa facilities. Moreover, both indoor and outdoor pools provide an opportunity to take a refreshing dip or soak up the sun’s rays, depending on the season.

Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort

10 Largest Casinos in The USA (2023) You Must Know

Nestled in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort stands as a prominent destination for gaming and entertainment. Over the years, it has undergone significant changes, including a notable series of renovations in 2018, with a total investment of approximately $27 million.

With its expansive footprint covering 210,000 square feet, the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort offers an impressive array of gaming options. Guests can indulge in the thrill of 4,400 slot machines, providing a wide selection of themes and gameplay experiences. Additionally, approximately 70 table games offer classic favourites such as blackjack, roulette, poker, and more. The former bingo hall has been transformed into a dynamic concert venue, providing guests with live performances from a range of artists and entertainment acts. Moreover, the resort boasts an outdoor amphitheatre, capable of accommodating over 11,000 attendees for memorable open-air concerts and events.

Ensuring a memorable experience for guests of all ages, the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort also caters to younger visitors. The Kid’s Quest area offers a host of engaging games and activities, providing hours of fun for children. Parents can confidently enjoy their gaming experience, knowing that their kids are happily occupied in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Encore Boston Harbor

10 Largest Casinos in The USA (2023) You Must Know

Located in Everett, Massachusetts, Encore Boston Harbor marks the final entry on our list of impressive US casinos. This grand establishment, which was completed in 2019, combines a sprawling casino with a luxurious hotel, making it a comprehensive destination for entertainment and hospitality.

Encore Boston Harbor covers an expansive area of 210,000 square feet, rivalling the size of our previous entry. It stands as the youngest casino on our list, showcasing modern design and state-of-the-art amenities. With an estimated worth of $2.5 billion, it represents the largest private single-phase construction project ever undertaken in the history of Massachusetts.

The casino itself boasts an impressive array of gaming options to cater to every visitor’s preference. With around 2,800 slot machines, 74 poker tables, and 231 tables for various other games, guests can enjoy a diverse range of gaming experiences. Whether one’s passion lies in spinning the reels of the latest slot titles or engaging in strategic poker tournaments, Encore Boston Harbor offers endless opportunities for excitement.

Spanning two floors, the casino is meticulously designed to maximize guest enjoyment. The main level is dedicated to a vast selection of slot machines, offering a thrilling gaming experience. On the second floor, guests will discover an expansive space dedicated to table games and high-limit rooms. This elevated level provides an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere for those seeking classic table games and exclusive gaming experiences.


When it comes to determining the largest casino in the US, the answer is not a simple one. The online gambling industry is vast and ever-expanding, with numerous reputable and popular online casinos catering to players from all over the country. While it may be challenging to pinpoint a single largest online casino, we can explore some of the prominent online casinos and the popular games they offer.

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